S 37° 47` 53.902",
E 144° 57` 33.675"

A still image inside the Bailleau Library showing two bookcases with brown, red and blue and grey books. In the background there are figures reading in the library. The image is drawn in a cartoon comicbook style, and features an audio soundscape recorded of a library. Pages gently turn, keyboards tap and light breathing can be heard. The image doesn't move.

YiXia (Sherry),

Baillieu Memories

Digital painting with audio, 0:59

Baillieu Memories is a work with two components: a digital painting and a video. The painting depicts a perspective or rather, a ‘glance’ through some bookshelves into a study scene inside the Baillieu Library. While still preserving the exact image of the painting, the video element of this piece is embeded with several audio tracks which are the field recordings of a library featuring sounds such as textbook pages flipping over, whispers, footsteps on carpet, typing and scribbling. I would like the audience to consider the painting first for a few seconds in complete silence, then to think about the magical atmosphere and all those fascinating sounds that would only exist in the library in order to experience an immersive replica of all those elements. Thank you to Luc for assisting with one of the audio tracks.

Yi Xia (Sherry) is a Bachelor of Commerce graduate from the University of Melbourne. Yi Xia will commence her Master of Finance this year. She has a real passion for art, music, books, films and of course her majors (Accounting and Finance).