S 37° 47` 54.76",
E 144° 57` 50.752"
A photograph of an artwork combining painting and obsolete printmaking techniques, featuring layers of pastel greens, purples and pinks in a dot matrix resembling a building and a tree.

Sebastian Zylinski,

Southbank 1

Acrylic paint on wood panel, 400 x 405mm.

Southbank 1 is an interpretation of my relationship with campus. Combining contemporary painting and obsolete printmaking techniques, I constructed layers of colour and texture. The pastel greens, purples and pinks in this work evoke meadow flowers, green lands, and the aromas within such environments, particularly the scent of lavender; a distinct scent that is homely and comforting. When on campus I am home, freely exploring and forging a path that leads me into the world. Southbank 1 is an open work, the dot matrix of the halftone image becomes more legible with distance, more abstract when viewed closer. Influenced by Sebastian Arrow, the work aims to question the hierarchy of mediums; with human error and texture allowing for the destruction of the reproducible image, usually associated with ‘inferior’ printmaking techniques. It is through this indiscernible image: the clashing of the digital and analogue materials and methods that I find meaning within my own work.

Sebastian Zylinski is a third year Bachelor of Fine Arts (Visual Arts) student studying in the Drawing & Printmaking Department. Pushing the bounds of contemporary painting and printmaking, Zylinski’s practice involves both the layering and sanding back of paint on wooden panels to create complex colour and surface relationships. Combined with using outsourced commercial printing production methods to paint images, Zylinski is concerned with questioning how one views their environments. He is also interested in linking the states of flux occurring with the apparent ‘stability’ that appears in pre-established environments.