S 37° 47` 48.777",
E 144° 57` 50.63"
An image of a woman with purple hair, staring down a zig zag path into the sunset in the distance, surrounded by loose paper blowing in the wind.

Quynh Anh Nguyen,


Digital painting, 2140 x 2140 px

When I was studying at Trinity College I would find different paths around the Parkville campus to get to class and back. One of my favourite routes is via the David Caro Building to the McCoy Building. Both buildings have a smooth pathway that directly lead from the ground floor into their respective first floors, connected by a bridge. Walking along these paths always fills me with excitement and optimism, as though I am venturing between two different worlds full of knowledge and potentialities. I was inspired to illustrate the sensation of standing under the Physics Building; the start of a journey and the feeling of possibilities through the multiple paths I may take in pursuit of knowledge. I may have chosen a different pathway since then, but I am still free to wander into other alleyways should I wish to.

Quynh Anh Nguyen is an emerging second year student studying a Bachelor of Science at the University of Melbourne. She once dreamed of becoming an animator before reality kicked her in the knees and forced her to choose a more ‘reasonable career path.’ After an unspecified number of years of deliberation, she now wishes to major in Computing and Software Systems, making art as a hobby. She remains open as to what will become of her future after she graduates.