S 37° 47` 55.859",
E 144° 57` 49.435"
New Beginnings Brown

Mikaylah Lepua,

New Beginnings / Brown

Photography – Slit Scan; Digital EOS 800D, Canon Camera 18-55mm, Canon Lens Slit Scan Program – Processing 13 SD Card, Mac Desktop 1080 × 1920 (New Beginnings) 5139 × 1920 (Brown)

These works capture the essence of what campus means to me through an abstract point of view. They reflect raw emotion through the unique medium of slit scanning. In order to create these works I took a video of myself sitting down talking to camera. As I spoke, I let my imagination free associate about what the campus reminds me of, how I feel when I’m there and my first experiences on campus. Viewers are invited to decode the images and the emotions captured in each moment in order to create their own story.

Mikaylah Lepua is a proud Palawa woman and an emerging second year student studying a Bachelor in Fine Arts (Visual Art) majoring in photography. Lepua’s work explores varying forms of imagery through photography. Lepua especially enjoys creating still life photography. Lepua’s ideas and concepts stem from different areas of her life, whether it is her Indigenous cultural background, social life or environment. The artwork that Lepua has created reflects any purpose that she chooses as she's able to use her camera and several editing apps which makes photography so incredible. Lepua can photograph an apple then manipulate and warp it to create a banana with the numerous editing apps that she have access to. Lepua is fortunate enough to be able create artwork that means something to her and, in her eyes, creates an impact upon her audience.