S 37° 47` 51.855",
E 144° 57` 33.882"

A video of the Arts West building affected by various filters including negative colours and glitch.

Con Anagnostopoulos,

Distant Recollections

Animation of digitally altered photograph, 0:38

As time passes, the physical spaces we once enjoyed and admired slowly become blurred memories. This animation of an old campus photograph represents the progression of increasingly distant recollections.

Con Anagnostopoulos has extensive industry experience in leadership, marketing and communications, and is a graduate of the Executive Master of Arts program with First Class Honours. His studies transpired in various spaces: on campus in Parkville, online, across interstate institutions, and even overseas in Florence. Anagnostopoulos has a keen interest in intercultural communications, brand cultures, and the influence history has on contemporary leadership theory and practice.