S 37° 47` 52.094",
E 144° 57` 36.431"

A video set at the Old Arts Building, featuring panning shots of the sky, the architecture, a waterfall, the clocktower, followed by live recordings of music performances over Zoom and then later at campus. A text reads 'As always, you stand at the centre of the campus. How many students has your bell sent and welcomed? We're just your passers-by.'

Bingyao Liu, Kanghui Yu, Boya Duan, Jun Bin Lee,

For the Old Arts Building

Video, original music composition, 1:23

The piece is a tribute to the Old Arts Building from an Asian international students’ perspective. The combination of western classical music with traditional Chinese instruments aims to depict the harmonious interaction between both cultures, representing how we are adapting to our student life here in Melbourne. As all four contributors were close to completing our studies, there is a sense of sentimental feeling found in our musical response to this locale. The video begins with us playing our instruments in our bedrooms, and then it changes to us playing in front of Old Arts Building. This is to commemorate our student life during Melbourne’s lockdown.

Bingyao Liu, Kanghui Yu, Boya Duan, and Jun Bin Lee are the creators of iMagine Music Podcast. iMagine promotes mental well-being through a combination of music therapy-informed approaches and original compositions from a diverse range of musical genres and instruments. The podcast was commissioned by The University of Melbourne’s Student Services and Amenities Fees (SSAF).