S 37° 47` 53.902",
E 144° 57` 33.675"
A digital visual collage and GIF comprising of Spike from Buffy, Kylie Kardashian, a negative of the Old Arts Building and South Lawn, a digital-plan of a study booth, digital fidget spinners and purple neon flashing text reading the word 'ZOOM'.

Anjelica Angwin,


GIF, audio recording, 1:18

This piece is a conscious and subconscious amalgamation of my experience during the final semester ‘at’ The University of Melbourne. During the lockdown. My time was – like many – frequently in front of a screen; be it Zoom tutorials, watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer, or stuck scrolling through the Kardashian empire on Instagram. Here, I reflect on my dreams and merge them with my digital reality; creating an otherworldly universe whereby vampires, fidget spinners, and the Kardashians coexist.

Anjelica Angwin is a writer, photographer, actor, and a recent graduate majoring in Creative Writing and Media & Communication. For this work Angwin explored the Baillieu Library and South Lawn as she frequented it in her dreams and subconscious during the 2020 COVID-19 lockdown. Angwin has featured in publications such as i-D, VICE, Oyster, Novembre Global, This is Badland, Fräulein, POCC Magazine, Voiceworks, Verve Zine, Stuck Magazine, as well as Sticks and Stones Mothership. Angwin has also performed in numerous Melbourne theatre productions and short films. You can find her @anjel_ica.